Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 32, Number 8 April 17, 2007

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn


April 28 Rebuilding Together in Meadowview

May 29 Baptism Sunday

June 3 Reception for May Tucker after second service

June 10 - 17 Family Promise

Presbyterian Women


The PW meeting will be on the 25th of April.

  Bible study @ 10:30 A.M. Lunch  will be provided @11:30.  Speaker is Mamie Woo who will be speaking

on 'What is traditional Chinese Medicine?  The concept, principles and theory.'

Town Hall to be Held April 29th

Mark your calendars and plan on being here for another Faith Town Hall.  Last year, Session decided to hold at least two of these gatherings a year to give members of the congregation to ask questions or share concerns and joys with the church leadership (i.e. elders and staff).  The Town Hall will be held after each worship service that day.

Running the church office As most of you know, Sue Nolan has retired.  Esther Chapman is going to cover the office for four weeks until Christina Canaday is able to take over. Christina will be the interim but she can't be here for a few weeks because she's finishing her semester of college.  Christina will be here until August, or until a permanent office manager is found.

Pastor Jim’s Column


I am giving up labels for Lent. (Wait…too late.) Alright, I am thinking about giving up some labels for good. No – not labels on soup cans and beer bottles – but labels that we use for groups of people. Even labels I use for myself.


At the recent Session retreat we had an extended discussion about the meaning of words like “evangelical,” “liberal,” and “conservative.” We have at times used these words to describe certain groups of Christians. Other words and phrases could be added here as well (think “Christ-centered,” “progressive,” “bible-believing,” etc.). Perhaps the meaning of some of these words needs to be recovered, but I am not confident that most of these labels are helpful.


We have said (and heard) over and over that we are members of a diverse church. Maybe these labels limit our diversity and the richness of thought and action that God has gifted us with. I am less and less eager to be identified by any of these labels. I am more and more excited about understanding how God has chosen to work with me in celebrating the community of which God has made me a part.


Is there a label that you have chosen for yourself? In what ways is that label no longer comfortable? In what ways does that label limit your openness to others? Are there labels that you use for others? How does that label stand as a barrier between you and that person?


While not having a simple shorthand word for describing myself and others may free me up – it also means I need to work a little harder. I am called to explain myself a bit more carefully (which means I need to be more thoughtful). It means that my actions tell the story of who I am and not some mythical “group” that I identify with. It means I may need to talk more about my beliefs and faith rather than let one word sum everything up.


When I think of this church – I do not think of you all in ready-made categories. I see your faces, remember many of your life struggles, and know some of your celebrations. I am sure I stumble in this regard – but God reminds me that each person is a precious, unique individual – not to be reduced to a category, label, or stereotype.


In one of his most courageous statements, the apostle Paul put it this way,


“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28 NRSV)


Talk about removing the labels!


The only label we might consider claiming is the sign of the cross – the mark that reminds us of the one that showed us how to live, freed us from the power of sin, and offers us new life.


Grace & Peace,






Milk can do a body good, but maybe not when it's in your tea.

Women in a study who drank black tea had improves cardiovascular function--but

that protection vanished if they drank it with milk. Temper the taste of your black

tea with lemon instead.  Or sip it as the Chinese traditionally do: straight up. 

 Why does milk blunt tea's effect?

Researchers are not sure why milk may blunt tea's heart-healthy effects, but milk proteins called

caseins are possible culprits.  Tea is bursting with health-boosting polyphenols, but   proteins have been shown to counteract them.  In one study, when researchers added a small amount (10 percent) of milk

to black tea, it reduced the tea's concentration of catechins--polyphenols credited with giving tea it antioxidant punch as well as fighting heart disease and boosting weight loss.  The study results may

help explain, in part, why tea's heart benefits appear to be missing in the United Kingdom,  where milk

is usually added to the brew.

In this recent study, researchers measured the effects of tea--with and without milk--on blood vessels in the cardiovascular system.  Straight black tea helped blood vessels relax and widen, allowing blood to flow

more freely. Tea with milk did not produce the same effect.

Usher Responsibilities


              Recently during the worship service you may have noticed the ushers are no longer setting the offerings on the communion table in front.  The reason for this change is understanding that the table should be maintained for special  purposes and not for offerings of the congregation.

              We are also seeking new ushers for the worship services.  The services at Faith have long been supported by wonderful volunteers, including a pool of ushers who are selected to help approximately every two to three months.  The pool has shrunken recently and we will need more volunteers to assist us.  New volunteers will be requested in the upcoming Time and Talents request at the end of April.  A training time for new ushers will then be scheduled in May. 

Rick Crow, Worship Elder


Children's Ministry


Thank you to all of the children that participated in the One Great Hour of Sharing.   A few coins here, a few coins there added up to $97.60.  Your generosity is definitely going to do great things for God’s people. 


On Easter Sunday, we combined the classes and used room 2.  I was blessed to spend time with about twenty four children at each service.  The children enjoyed being with one another and were disappointed when our time was over. 


For the next couple of weeks, the children will be studying about Jesus on the road to Emmaus (eh-May-us) Luke 24: 13-35.  Emmaus was a small village about seven miles from Jerusalem.  This story begins the day of Jesus’ resurrection.  Two of Jesus’ followers were on their way to Emmaus after Jesus’ crucifixion.  As these two individuals walked along the road, they were joined by the risen Jesus, but somehow they did not recognize Him.  Later as they all shared a meal, Jesus “took bread, blessed and broke it and gave it to them”—and in that act they recognized Jesus.  The followers were so excited that they immediately walked all the way back to Jerusalem to share the good news that Jesus was alive!


This story is one of many in which Jesus appears after his resurrection. Our goal is to help the children realize that Jesus’ is with us in our every day lives.  I look forward to seeing the children this Sunday! – Ms. Melinda



Three important dates:

  June 3rd –Youth Sunday

  June 10th – Children’s Worship Begins
   July 9-13th – Vacation Bible School


Questions??? Call Pam Rock, C.E Elder at 393-1493 or Melinda Lewis, C.E. Director at 428-3439   ext 306.

From the Board of Deacons…

The Board of Deacons appreciates the response to the requests for help with Memorial Receptions!  We would like to add more names to our list – so if you are interested in helping by donating cookies or small sandwiches, please give one of us a call.

Jean Kern: 684-9697

Mary Masterson: 682-2331

Betty McClure:  424-0833

Sue Nolan surrounded by well-wishers at her April 15 reception honoring her many years as Faith's Office Manager. She retired as of April 13.

Rebuilding Together


On Saturday April 28, a team of Faith folk will refurbish a house in Meadowview for a person who is unable to do so. Georgianne Becker is signing people up at the Welcome Center in the Narthex. She says about 35 Faith people volunteered last year and that they had a fun time with an amazing sense of accomplishment. Call Georgianne Becker at 393-5906 to be added to the volunteer list.

Family Promise Founder Speaks in Sacramento


Faith Church has been involved with the local and national Family Promise organization for over 2 years.  It was 20 years ago in 1986 that Karen Olson brought together 11 church congregations in New Jersey to begin this program for homeless families called the Interfaith Hospitality Network.  This year the 8th National Conference will be held in Sacramento at the Sheraton Grand Hotel from April 20th to 22nd.  If you would like more information about the conference and the national organization you can obtain it on the national website at: 

Due to the Sacramento location of the conference, Karen Olson will be speaking to the volunteers of Family Promise in our area.  She will make her presentation at Carmichael Presbyterian Church on Sunday April 22nd at 7:00.  A dessert reception will follow at the church.  If you would like to attend please RSVP to Cynthia Crow by phone (392-9141) or email ( before April 15th.  It is very important that Carmichael Presbyterian know how many people will be attending. 

              The church is near the corner of Fair Oaks Blvd. and Marconi (1/2 block from the Carmichael Library).  Parking is in the rear.  Enter on the far left (west) side via Myrtle.


Sign Up to Help Family Promise

June 10 – June 17


You can sign up for our next week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office.

Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams, laundry , transporting mattresses to the next church and Team Leaders.

 If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on May 10 after the 1st and 2nd services.

If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them.

 If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.




    The Presbyterian Women are again this year for Mothers Day (May 13) sponsoring Mosquito Nets for Africa.

The NetWorkers Mother's Project is an opportunity for Presbyterians to help protect

women and children in Africa from malaria, while we honor our own mothers.  Working together,  International Health Ministries and Presbyterian Women make attractive Mother's Day cards available ,  in exchange for donations to NetWorkers Malaria Prevention Program.  Donations to this mission activity provide mosquito nets and malaria prevention education to families in Africa.  Thousands of women and children have been

protected from malaria, thanks to the generosity of Presbyterians who have sent over 100,000 NetWorkers Mothers Day cards to loved ones since the project began in 2001.

    Each year in sub-Saharan Africa, malaria causes more than one million deaths,  most of them are children under five and pregnant women.  Malaria is the number one killer of children under age five in Africa, claiming 3,000 young lives every day.  Women are four times as likely to contact malaria during pregnancy and twice as likely to die from it.  Using insecticide-treated mosquito nets,  coupled with malaria prevention

education, has been shown to significantly reduce these tragic statistics.

     Look for any P.W. woman in the Narthex on Mother's Day (which is May 13) and make a donation to this worthy cause, and receive a Mother's Day card.  We are asking for a $10.00 donation but any amount will be accepted.

Food Closet News                               


The city libraries are collecting books to give to needy children. This is commendable and should not be discouraged. Many of the books collected will be given to the S.S.I.P. Food Closet. Here at Faith you can cut out the middleman and donate your books directly to Food Closet by leaving them in the Food Closet Cart in the narthex. Betty Park will see that they get to the Closet.


It is Spring and time to plant a zucchini plant whose crop is dedicated to Food Closet. There was very little response to this suggestion last year. Maybe we can do better this year. And remember that smaller zucchini are better that the giant ones that got lost in the shrubbery. You can also plant a tomato vine if you are so inclined. They can grow in a small niche in your well-organized flower garden.


For those of you new to Faith, The South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership (S.S.I.P.) is supported by Faith Church and 15 other south area churches. It is located at Bethany Presbyterian church at 24th and
Fruitridge. It is open to give bags of food to the needy Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am. See Betty Park about volunteering to work there one morning a week. Your food donations on the first Sunday of each month are important in Food Closet’s never-ending struggle to obtain enough food to give out.

ARCO Results for April 6th


With just 23 people, we made the Stand hum, and we earned $988.48 from sales, Ted owed Betty and me $40 each for working the NCAA Tourney, and we received $66.52 in tips from OUR fans.  That adds up to a $1055 paycheck for our youth ministry.  


Worship Helpers


April 22

April 29

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Barbara Tracy

  Doran McDonald


Donna Touros

Dallas Love

Don & Jan Sperling


Bob & Georgianne Becker

Carol & Howard Frank


David Nash

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Dave & Teri Williamson

Jim & Betty Park


Connor Hankey

 Jaclyn Mendoza

Isabel Chapman

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Terry Mangum

Chuck Bell


David Nash

Lori Glasgow

Rick & Cynthia Crow


Jack Warren

Debbie Barton

Bob & Barbara Powell


Carroll Collier Kevin Roberson

Coffee Servers

Bob & Georgianne Becker

Margaret Finch


Bob Connett Dick McClure

Kitty Tatro

Jarvis Arellano


Kori Davis

Cole Fahey

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