Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 30, Number 7   March 29, 2005

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831



Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

8:30 and 11:00

Multi-age Sunday School 8:30  

Sunday school, Adult Ed, Jr. High Bible Study


Graded Sunday School 11:00



(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Bible Study

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Young Adult (College Age)

Bible Study

Sundays 7 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439


April 3    Spring Foreward Food Sunday and Blood Drive

April 3    African Children's Choir, 6:00pm at Fair Oaks PC

April 8 - 10   Faith Womens' Retreat

April 24  Benfit show for Family Promise at Crest Theater. 4:00pm

April 24  "A Look @ Faith" -- 12:30 - 4:40pm  Class for those interested in affiliating with Faith CHurch.

May 15 - May 22 Faith Hosts Family Promise Homeless

September 16, 17, 18  Faith Family Retreat

Zucchini Daze

If every Faith member dedicated the crop of one zucchini plant to the S.S.I.P. Food Closet, there would never be a shortage of tender, young vegetables. To encourage Faith gardeners, Capitol Nurseries has donated 48 zucchini plants. A free zucchini plant will given to each interested gardener on Sunday April 3. Take it home, plant it and wait for the crop. Contact Betty Park 442-6054 if you have questions.


 Pastor Jeff Says:


New Preaching Series Starts April 3rd – A Life That Pleases God

Though there is much we didn’t cover, we are going to take a break now from John.  If some of you learned half as much as I learned these past few months as we went through this amazing Gospel, there is great reason to give thanks.


The next four Sundays we will tackle a series entitled A Life That Pleases God.  At the heart of this series will be the concept of worship.  This is a timely topic as we are in the midst of looking at our Sunday morning schedule and emphasis, and as we consider just what it is we want to accomplish when we show up each week here in the sanctuary. 


Not only are we going to look at what kind of worship God desires from us as we gather together for church services.  But more importantly, we want to look at how we are to go about our lives with an attitude of worship.  How can we, in fact, live in a way that daily pleases God?  Because, as you probably already know, though God is certainly interested in how we worship him Sunday mornings, He’s just as interested in how we worship him Tuesday afternoon, and Thursday morning, and Saturday night.


In so many congregations these days, worship becomes a dividing point among brothers and sisters in Christ.  People disagree, even fight, even leave, over things like type of music, how long a worship should run, whether or not we should clap in worship, and the list goes on.  It must break Christ’s heart when the time of the week that ought to most closely unite his followers becomes the most divisive. 


Part of the trick for those of us here at Faith avoiding those kinds of battles is to clearly understand God’s intentions and desires when it comes to worship.  That will be our aim.  Below are listed the texts and sermon titles that might help you prepare for what God has to teach us.


I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday!


Yours in Christ,



April 3 – The Final Word on the Best Time for Worship – Texts: Psalm 19/Romans 12:1-2

April 10 – You and the Redwoods Just Aren’t Enough – Texts: Hebrews 10:19-25/Acts 2:46-47

April 17 – Overcoming the Audience Complex – Text: Isaiah 29:13

April 24 – Leaving Everything in the Pew – Text: Mark 12:28-31

Parish and Pastor Potluck Series Continues

The potlucks are held in Link Hall from 12 until 2 on these Sundays


April 3: Parishes 10, 11,12            April 17: Parishes 13, 14, 15 

   May 1: Parishes 16, 17

Food Closet 35th Anniversary


Ken Finch makes a Nugget Market pickup

Food Closet celebrates 35 years of serving families in need in South Sacramento. Emergency food aid went to 41,000 people in 2004 and 2005 may be even more active.


The celebration will be marked by a dinner on Wednesday April 27, 5:30pm, at the Japanese United Methodist Church, 6929 Franklin Blvd.  It will be a buffet with tri tip and roasted chicken, salad and beverages.  Tickets are $12 each.


Everyone interested in this local mission effort is urged to attend. See Betty Park or Lois Strong for tickets.

Three more New Members for Faith

David and Sandi Bilbo

David & Sandi Bilbo will have been married three years on April 1st and will finally have the chance to take their honeymoon cruise on March 29th.  David is still recovering from 2 years of surgeries and complications from congenital spinal disease but hopes to be back to work soon as a disaster recovery consultant.  Sandi has been employed for the last sixteen years as a project manager for information technology company, EDS.


David & Sandi=s blended family consists of three grown sons and a daughter and 13 beautiful grandchildren.  So, if anyone is lacking grandchildren to spoil, they=re willing to share!


David & Sandi are very excited to have found Faith Presbyterian at this point in their lives.  The love and compassion shown by the Church family was evident the first time they visited.  We are very humbled and joyous to be having them join our family.



Ileana Maestas

Iliana Maestas is a full-time mom, graduate student and part time worker in the state archaeology lab, who is coming to join our church by reaffirmation of faith.  She grew up in the Presbyterian Church, and like many of us, tried a number of different churches, but kept coming back to Faith because it felt good to her.  Her 4 1/2 year old daughter Isabel agreed on the choice, since she had been asking to go back to the old church (Faith) whenever they looked at a new church.  Together with Isabel, 5 month old Carlos, and husband Jeff, Iliana is going to make a great addition to our Faith family.

Faith's Blood Drive

 This year Faith will be coordinating its Blood Drives with St. Anthony Catholic Church located directly across the street.  Together, we will sponsor six blood drives which will give people attending either church the opportunity to donate blood regularly throughout the year without having to go outside of the neighborhood.  You will receive notice of each drive through a message in the Worship Folder, as well as post cards from the Sacramento Blood Source.  The first 2005 Blood Drive was already held at St. Anthony’s in January, and Faith Church is having its first 2005 Blood Drive on Sunday, April 3rd, so save that date!!!   A gift certificate for ½ pound of coffee from Buckthorns will be given to each blood donor on April 3rd. 

A schedule follows for the rest of the year so you can plan ahead for giving blood.

2005 Blood Drive Schedule

April 3, 2005                            Faith Church

June 5, 2005                               St. Anthony’s Church

August 7, 2005                         St. Anthony’s Church

October 2, 2005                       Faith Church

December 11, 2005                 St. Anthony’s Church


Giving blood is a wonderful way to give someone else the gift of life on earth. Blood is a matter of life and death to many men, women and children in our hospitals, but blood can only be stored for 42 days before it becomes stale and can no longer be used.  This is our opportunity to respond to a very important need in our community.  Sign up for an appointment in the Narthex between services or call Teri Williamson at 427-6713 to schedule an appointment.

Mission Trips 2005


                  Your Mission Committee, along with the Youth Director Kelsey Ingalls and Pastors Jeff Chapman and Jim Zazzera, are pleased to offer the following Mission Trip opportunities for 2005:


Junior High Mission Trip!!!!


What is better than Munchies…Munchies in San Francisco!!!!  I may be a little crazy, but we are planning a junior high mission trip to Frisco this summer.  Since kids have to be fourteen to go on the church mission trip without a parent, most of the junior highers don’t make the cut.  To remedy this dilemma we are taking a five-night mission trip designed specifically for middle school kids.  We are going through an organization called Center for Student Missions.  Pastor Jeff used to go through the same organization at his old church and he always had a good experience.  So on his recommendation we are trying this new trip at the beginning of the summer.  The dates we are looking at are the 19th-24th of June.  If you are a junior higher, than mark your calendar as the time of your life.  If you are a member of the congregation, than mark your calendar as a week of prayer for our junior highers as they do God’s work in the big city.  If you or your child are interested and have not received and application, please contact Kelsey Ingalls at the church as soon as possible.  Hurry for new adventures!!!!

Faith Youth's 30 Hour Famine


The youth in this church are amazing!  The last weekend in February, instead of hanging out with friends or doing any number of cool things, they gave up their entire Friday and Saturday to raise money for world hunger.  Instead of eating junk food and pizza, they fasted for 30 hours so that they could get a little taste of what it feels like to be hungry.  Instead of sleeping in, they packed lunches for kids who may not get a lunch every day.  Instead of being absorbed by their own cozy lives here in the Pocket area they choose to think about the rest of the world.  It was truly amazing to see 23 kids participate in this years 30 Hour Famine so that others kids around the world would not go hungry.  I am so proud of our youth and the selflessness that they showed that weekend.  They raised well over $2000 for World Vision, a worldwide hunger and disaster relief organization.  Thank you to everyone who donated to the kid’s efforts, this was one of the most successful famines we have ever had.  We also had 6 leaders who gave up their time, sleep, and nutritious diets to hang out with the kids.  So thank you to everyone who was part of the 30 Hour Famine this year, and I want encourage all of us to continually have the same giving hearts and loving spirits as our youth.  

Christian Music Call


If you feel called to today’s Christian radio, as I do, then this new Presby News column is for you.  A former co-worker introduced me to it, a college friend reinforced my interest, but God has given me a heart for it.


Here in Sacramento, two of our options are the “positive and encouraging”, not to mention commercial free, KLOVE (99.1 FM and 105.9 FM) and the “safe for the whole family” FISH (105.5 FM).  If the lyrics to the music that you and your family listen to are important to you, give Christian radio a try.  It is another way to glorify the Lord and share your faith at home, work, or while driving the kids to their next activity.


Each column will focus on a Christian music group and announce concerts coming to our area.I’ll begin with a pop/rock group from Greenville, Texas known as Mercy Me.  Their sound has been compared to secular music groups such as Coldplay and Train, but their music speaks for their love of God and His work in their lives.  On April 2nd, I joined thousands of other local fans at Arco Arena for Mercy Me’s “Un-done” tour.  They describe un-done as “our never-ending quest for striving to get to where God wants us” and that “we’ll become ‘done’ when we’re in heaven”.  The song “Homesick” was a poignant follow-up to “I Can Only Imagine”, written after the death of lead singer, Bart Millard’s father.  The songs look at heaven from both perspectives, those on the inside and those left here.  Also appearing were Jeremy Camp, Monk and Neagle, and The Afters.  The show was high in energy and touchingly spiritual, as the performers shared their personal testimonies.


Upcoming events:

              Sunday, April 17th FISHFEST 2005 (pop/rock various groups) Michael W. Smith, Audio Adrenaline, Toby Mac, Selah Kutless, By the Tree, and more, at Arco Arena, groups of 15 or more receive a group rate of $25.00 each for this all-day event.

              Tuesday, April 19, 7:00pm – Zoe Girl and Jump5 (youth pop) at Warehouse Christian Ministries, doors open at 6:15pm.


Please contact me, Tammi Whitted, at davntam@softcom.net for more information, suggestions for future columns, or group tickets.

African Children’s Choir


      The African Children's Choir will perform Sunday April 3rd, 6:00pm, at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.

      The Choir is a group of 26 children, ages 5 through 12, selected from those most needy in Africa. Audiences are treated to a wide variety of songs accompanied by drums and ethnic instrumentation. including well-loved children’s songs, gospel melodies, and lively spirituals. The choir has appeared in well over 3,500 concerts since its inception in 1984.


      There is no admission charge and tickets are not required. A free-will offering will be taken.

Easter and Palm Sunday Pictures

 Dear ARCOfaithfuls,   

I wish the Kings played basketball as effectively as the ARCOfaithfuls operate the ARCO concession stands.  While the Kings were losing to the Warriors (again!), we had another winning night. Your efforts resulted in a $1190 donation (which includes $20 in tips) from Maloof Sports and Entertainment to our Youth Ministry.  Nice going!!  We welcomed Pat and Terry Mangum and Gail Bagby to the ARCOfaithfuls.  The adventure seemed to agree with them, so hopefully they'll be back next year, along with the rest of the ARCOfaithfuls.  Yes, this was our last regular season game, and everybody who came out and helped at ARCO this season deserves a big pat on the back.  We had a great season!  For this game, special thanks to Betty Keller, with help from Jennie Fong, and Audrey Lieu, for handling inventory, and to Steve Canaday for handling the money (all $19,000 in cash), with closing help from Lily Dong.  Thanks to Cindy Canaday for managing and training the runners and starting the carpools from the Church.  Pastor Jeff got to try his hand at cashiering and did a really good job on his first time out.  Jeff Greenstien and Jeff Kanner (that's a lot of Jeffs!) were the guys who got the jobs nobody wants this time out (condiments and ice, respectively) and did terrific job of keeping up with both. Lastly, special thanks to: Lily Dong, Jennie Fong, Carol Keller, Audrey Lieu, Lyman Lum, and Julie Standiford, who don't attend Faith but donated their time and talents to support our youth. Don't put your ARCO uniforms away  just yet!  The Mission Committee is looking at a play-off game opportunity to support the Mexico Mission trip, and may need help.   Stay tuned!!!  The best part of this effort is getting to work so closely, and as a team, with so many great folks from Faith.  Your Youth Ministry really appreciates all the support, and the opportunities that it creates for them to have a top quality youth program. 

See you at Church.  Sincerely,  Steve Canaday, Paul Keller, and Pat Tatro




  7th Annual Retreat

of the

Women of Faith Presbyterian Church.

Check with Lori or Patti to see if there are any last minute openings.


April 8, 9 and 10

(Friday evening until Sunday early afternoon)


Cost is $145.00 -- $80.00 non-refundable,

But transferable deposit is required at time of registration


 This year's Retreat Leader:  Lucie Chalifour,

Our Journey:  Friendship as a Soul Path


Diamond Arrow Christian Center

Nevada City, CA


For further information please call

Lori Glasgow 419-5066 or Patti Bill 429-8770

Family Promise at Faith

May 15-22 (New Dates)


              We will host our first week for Family Promise from May 15 through May 22! Due to the Day Center not being finished, the start of the program was delayed, thus pushing back Faith's week (sorry for the inconvenience!).

              Each day will need a coordinator, volunteers to help with dinners (5 to 7 p.m.), evening teams for activities (7 to 9 p.m.), overnight teams, set-up and take-down teams.

              A white board will be set up in the Narthex April 24 so volunteers can sign up for this inaugural week. You'll be able to sign up for a specific day and activity. If you'd like choose your day/time/activity prior to April 24, please call Cynthia Crow at 392-9141 or Sue Hooper at 393-2633.

              DONATIONS: If you are able to donate twin bed sheets and pillowcases, children's books and coloring books, we would appreciate it. There will be a box labeled Family Promise outside the doors of Link Hall where you can place your donations.

              LOANS: If you are able to loan a portacrib, playpen, high chair, or booster seat for use during the week of May 15 through May 22, please contact Cynthia or Sue at the above numbers

Benefit Performance for Family Promise

Crest Theater 1014 K Street Mall

Sunday   April 24    4:00pm


Jean and Jim Strathdee will present “Healing God’s Earth – A Celebration of Peace, Unity and Justice” at the Crest Theater. The program will blend music for choir and congregation, international instruments including the Australian didgeridoo and African drums. There will be dancers, narrators and visual images of the world.

The $10 admission will benefit Family Promise.  Sue Hooper if you have questions

Health Ministries


Calling All Presbyterian Women

Our next meeting dates are as follows:

April 27              Casserole

May 25              Brown Bag

June 26              Potluck


Faith Book Club


The next meeting of the Faith Book Club is on Thursday, April 17, 2005 at 7:00 PM.  If you have any questions, or would like to join us, please contact Ilah Turner at 428-8716.


 Transforming Fear Into Love


Twice in the last three years, Faith Presbyterian Church has sent members to attend the Peacemaking Conference.  Attendees Conney Willis, Bill Frye and Marthe Sweet had their eyes opened to peacemaking challenges around the globe, and the exciting efforts from Presbyterians to make peace locally, nationally and internationally.


This year’s conference will be held at Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  Participants will enjoy expanded opportunities to renew, to reflect and to engage the extraordinary challenges of our time.  Programs are informative and enlightening, and each day ends with inspiration worship.


You can visit the website at www.pcusa.org/peacemaking/conferences/2005.htm, or talk to Conney, Bill or Marthe Sweet for more information, or call Conney Willis at 530-432-2318 or email at conney@aol.com.  Funds are available to make the trip possible for anyone interested in attending.


Property Maintenance Needs Your Help


We are putting together the 2005 list of those interested in volunteering to help maintain the landscaped areas in the excellent condition we have come to enjoy. We employ a landscape gardening company to mow the lawns and to perform other special tasks as requested. However, it takes additional volunteers in order to remove weeds, trim shrubs and trees, repair and replace sprinklers, paint and provide misc. repairs of our facilities.


This special list of volunteers is usually called for a Wednesday or Saturday work day at

various times to perform a variety of landscape and other activities. Chuck Beal has been assigned as group leader and Is responsible for calling the volunteers to see if they are available when work days are scheduled. If you are available only on a Saturday, or if another day is more appropriate, special assignments can be arranged. If you are interested in joining this group, please call either Chuck Beal at 686-4814 or Wally Smith, Property Maintenance Elder at 421-3525.


Even if you can spare only an hour or two occasionally, your help would be greatly appreciated and you would be helping to keep Faith Church looking great.

Sunday School News

Faith Bibles

It is a tradition of Faith Church to present a Bible to every student in our third grad e class and to those above third who have not yet received their Bible to give the students confidence and familiarize them with the Bibles they will receive, we ask them to memorize the Lord’s Prayer and the 66 books of the Bible. I know this will enhance their appreciation and sense of pride when they receive their Bibles on May 15,2005 at the 11:00 service.


I hope this will become a family activity and that your entire family will encourage your child in this endeavor. You will receive a postcard with the books of the Bible on it. Many students, in the past, have found placing this in their car is a great reminder and a good place to practice. If you have any special concerns about your child completing this, please call Sue Kirk.


To verify your child has memorized the Lord’s Prayer and the 66 books of the Bible, to the best of their ability or is diligently working to do so, please return the enclosed verification form to me by April 24, 2005. Please print your child’s name as you wish it to appear in their Bibles.


Pastor Chapman will lead a Bible workshop for the students on Thursday ,May 12 from 7-8:30 in room 5. Please mark this date on your calendars and plan on attending with your child.


Please contact Sue Kirk, 530-367-4572 or 916-428-3439, highlander@foothill.net  if you have any questions regarding this program. Thank you for your cooperation in this enriching experience.


Westminster Woods Dates


We’ve reserved space for the children and youth of Faith Presbyterian to attend camp at the Woods this year.  While campers can go any week of their choice, these are the weeks that work around Vacation Bible School and Mission trips:


            Camp                           Incoming                    Dates              

            Adventure Camp       Grades 2,3,4              July 27 – 30

            Sherwood Forest      Grades 4,5,6              July 24 – 30

            Railroad Camp          Grades 7,8,9               July 10 - 16

            Buccaneer Camp       Grades 7,8,9              July 17 – 23

            High School Camp     Grades 9 – 12           July 17 – 23


Early Bird registration must be postmarked by March 15, to take advantage of the $25 discount.  Registrations can be left at the church office for Registrar Conney Willis to mail or you may send your registration in directly to Westminster Woods, but please let know, so your child can be included in our list for camperships, which will be provided based on the number of children from Faith attending camp.


You can get in touch with Conney with questions or registration information at 530-432-2318 or conney@aol.com.

Coffee Hour Volunteering


We'd like to add more volunteers so one group will prepare coffee after the first service and another group after the second! It'll be only once every other month and takes just about 40 minutes before and 45 minutes after the service.


Please call Doran McDaniel at 683-4687. 


 New Address for Lillian and Lindsey Ann


Lillian Waters (formerly Kammeier) says she and Lindsey have a new mailing address. It is P.O.Box 864, Sacramento CA 95812. They live at 47 Starlite Circle, 95831, but she prefers to get mail at the P,O,Box.

Worship Helpers


April 3

Daylight Savings

April 10

April 17

April 24

Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Hal Turner

Jim Park

Helen Frisch

Frank Abbott


Donna Touros

John Sugar

Betty Park

Bruce/Bonnie Alexander

Dallas Love   Marthe Sweet


John/Sally Ravas

Sandra Treezise

Carol/Howard Frank

Marilyn Becker

Jim/Betty Park

Marthe Sweet

Janet, David, Ross Leader


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

David Nash

David Nash

Coffee Preparers

Jeff/DiAnne Brown

Ann Johnson

Tom Busch

Jim/Betty Park


Preston Tucker

Catherine Smith

Sophia Bagby

Joey Healow

Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Donne Ingalls

Ruth Warner

Barbara Tracy

Jim Tracy


Jarvis/Glenda Arellano

Dick/Betty McClure

Hal/Ilah Turner

Roy/Vicky Chastain


Dorothy/Tom Hughes

Julia King

Barbara/Jim Tracy


Bob/Barbara Powell Ann Johnson

Chuck/Hilde Tetlow Carey Kincaid


Joe Parente

Brien Bell

Ken Finch

George Warner

Coffee Servers

Dallas Love

Glenda/Jarvis Arellano

Ruth Warner

Margaret Finch


Kitty Tatro

Jarvis Arellano

Barbara Powell

Charlie Tucker

Helen Christenson Marilyn Becker

Bob Connett

Dick McClure


Mitchell Shahbasian

Gabriella McDonald

Nina Dramer

Zoe Bill


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